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What is L.I.F.E.?

 Living In Fulfilled Excellence, Inc. (LIFE) is an organization that is committed to breaking the vicious cycle that feeds today’s disadvantaged youth and young adults into a pipeline that is destined for poverty, violence, crime, prison, and substandard living.


LifeThruMusic is a mentoring program that is designed to mentor & inspire youth for today's always changing music industry. We are based out of Erie, PA with locations in Harrisburg, PA and Asbury Park, NJ. We teach inner-city youth how to play the drums, piano, bass guitar, and music production. We have also incorporated a business training model that will prepare students to become the leading entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

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Asbury Park, NJ

InspireLIFE Camp 2017

Upcoming Events

Juneteenth - June 16th Erie, PA 

FULL STEAM AHEAD Summer Camp - Harrisburg, PA June 13th- July 13th

InspireLIFE Fine Arts & Technology Camp - Asbury Park, NJ Aug 20- 24th

LIFE Conference - Erie, PA Sept 1st- 2nd





“I feel this program has the potential to reach youth in a positive and meaningful way. With our culture’s current interest in performance and music, reaching young people in the way can be very effective, adding tremendously to their discipline, confidence, and self-esteem. This type of education has the potential to impact participants in very positive ways, often when traditional classroom endeavors have not.”

Pennsylvania State Rep. Patrick Harkins

LifeThruMusic offers students the opportunity to excel beyond the classroom utilizing the vehicle of music to teach life and business skills that will serve them well beyond their academic studies. I whole heartedly feel that the way out of poverty is through education. Coupling quality academic instruction with artistic expression is a recipe for true systemic change.

Former State Senator Sean Wiley

I am writing in support of LifeThruMusic a unique music mentoring program by Living In Fulfilled Excellence Inc. Mr. Cook's vision for using LTM to enhance the academic, cultural and artistic opportunities available to disadvantaged youth is commendable and I am excited to see what these students can produce 

Dr. Jay Badams & the Erie School District

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